History and values

Gruppo Scarpellini has been present on the Italian real estate market for the last 40 years, becoming today the leader in this sector. High professionalism allowed it to create trusty relationships with public institutions, private corporations and investment groups. The company builds, acquires and develops buildings but most of all it carries on the project that the President of the company has proudly named “the bespoken building”. 

The company numbers 550 employees, an amount that arrives to one thousand if considering the numerous external correspondents and the entire professional production that satellites around the group. Each single person brings own professionalism in the company, contributing in solidifying the name of Gruppo Scarpellini.

The company counts on a team capable to manage and develop the numerous working activities. The company’s success is granted by its President, Sergio Scarpellini, who’s strategic decisions brought him to reach the highest professional goals.

The group rests its structure on important values, life rules that allowed it to reach optimal credibility on both the Italian and international level. Respect is the pivot value on which is found the group, attention to the territory to be considered the fundamental element. Passion for its own work, together with team spirit, turned Gruppo Scarpellini in an evolving reality. The company strongly believes in a new future for the city of Rome and points to reach this goal in an innovative way.


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