Global Service

Il Gruppo Scarpellini presenta tra le proprie attività il Global service, nello specifico fornisce ai propri clienti oltre all’ immobile anche dei servizi aggiuntivi come: l’assistenza tecnica, la ristorazione, il servizio postale, l’accoglienza, la guardiania. Le attività del Gruppo Scarpellini sono indirizzate a offrire servizi e assistenza professionale all’interno dei propri palazzi. L’atte

The working team

Over 550 employees work, day by day, professionally embodying Gruppo Scarpellini. Fathers, mothers, young men and women that live their daily life with a look  to the future. The group is organized on a simple and operative structure. The company organization finds its President at the top, sided by a solid team, and valid external correspondents.  

History and values

Gruppo Scarpellini has been present on the Italian real estate market for the last 40 years, becoming today the leader in this sector. High professionalism allowed it to create trusty relationships with public institutions, private corporations and investment groups. The company builds, acquires and develops buildings but most of all it carries on the project that the President of the company has proudly named “t
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